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Christo and Jeanne-Claude
The umbrellas, Japan and USA, 1984-91

The artists are known for their large-scale environmental works – often realised through the use of woven fabric. The Umbrellas was a temporary work of art based across two countries (Japan-USA), which reflected the similarities and differences in the ways of life and use of the land. 1,760 yellow umbrellas were used in the USA; 1,340 blue umbrellas in Japan.
Photos: Wolfgang Volz © Christo 1991
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Asset allocation

To help clients meet their long-term goals, we provide advice on strategic asset allocation.

The choice and mix of assets in a portfolio is the key source of performance over the long term. We use a quantitative risk framework with the flexibility to incorporate real-world factors such as costs, liquidity and income flow.

We use historical and forward-looking simulations to provide valuable insights into a portfolio’s characteristics, then we optimise the asset allocation based on the client’s specific situation, preferences and perception of opportunities and risks in the financial markets.

The outlook for asset classes changes over time, and strategic asset allocation involves the periodic rebalancing and optimisation of a client’s portfolio in order to meet expected returns.
For many of our clients, our strategic asset planning and advice is the single most important service we provide, often in tandem with the establishment of an appropriate wealth structure.