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Alexander Calder

An acclaimed and influential sculptor, Calder profoundly changed the course of modern art. He developed a new method of sculpting by bending and twisting wire, and so essentially he 'drew' three-dimensional figures in space. He is renowned for the invention of the mobile, whose suspended, abstract elements move and balance in changing harmony.
Alexander Calder ­ © ARS, NY and DACS, London, 2008.
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Our wealth management and trust services span four main areas. Each is available on a stand-alone or an integrated basis. While some clients use Rothschild as their sole wealth manager, others appoint us for a particular area of expertise, such as cross-border wealth structuring or discretionary investment management.

Wealth structuring >
Expert guidance on efficient tax and succession planning

Investment management >
Active portfolio management and advice from experienced investment professionals

Banking  >
Discreet banking services for private clients, including lending and custody

Trust  >
Ongoing protection of assets through proactive monitoring and administration